Careers & Training

Our Barber Training Mission

Our goal is to provide our students with an advanced educational experience so that they will be prepared for a fast pace. Diamond Cutz Barber Salon is dedicated to our students’ success by enriching lives and cultivating professionals through innovative, personalized post-secondary education in a creative and inspiring environment that prepares graduates with the business skills and financial knowledge necessary to be successful in the industry. Diamond Cutz is owned by a Master Barber and is dedicated to preparing each student to be able to follow in that same path if they choose. Our curriculum is designed to be detailed and engaging as well as fun and creatively fulfilling.

Our Curriculum

Now more than ever, the barber industry must adhere to the highest standards for providing safe haircuts to customers. Our Diamond Cutz barber school provides the highest standard of instruction for a wide variety of skills, including

  • Techniques
  • Safety
  • Scalp and hair anatomy
  • The art of the shave
  • Facial hair grooming
  • Hair cutting and styling
  • Business skills
  • Cutting, styling, and trimming men’s and women’s hair
  • Health and safety

Our Proven Results

The techniques taught at Diamond Cutz are designed to help students start their journey to becoming successful barbers in every capacity, including Master Barber. We have proven that our students are able to service all hair types, including women’s cuts. For a premium result, at our barbershop, we combine modern techniques with traditional methods so that our students are able to succeed in every possible arena.

To learn more about our exciting and informative barber training courses, call Diamond Cutz now.